Exhibition Tour: Ricardo Basbaum: The Production of the Artist as a Collective Conversation Amy Kazy [...]

Exhibition Tour: Ricardo Basbaum: The Production of the Artist as a Collective Conversation Amy Kazy [...]

FREE EVENT. Contemporary Art Gallery, 555 Nelson St., Vancouver. Join us for a tour and discussion o [...]

Ricardo Basbaum: collective-conversation Wednesday October 29, 6pm Audain Gallery As part of his res [...]

Ricardo Basbaum: collective-conversation Wednesday October 29, 6pm Audain Gallery As part of his res [...]

Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr should be allowed to claim the Canadian government conspir [...]

The man who shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial and was gunned down him [...]

The families of slain military members Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent stand [...]

CBC News has learned new details about Andrea Giesbrecht, the Winnipeg woman accused of concealing t [...]

The family of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, who was killed Monday when he was struck in a targete [...]

Calgary's police chief says Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the man responsible for shooting a soldier in [...]

Former Ottawa hospital technician Misbahuddin Ahmed has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after b [...]

Some people have improperly accessed Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's medical records at another hospit [...]

Amazon gave a disappointing forecast for the crucial holiday quarter. The company also reported a wi [...]

Ottawa nurse Margaret Lerhe doesn't consider herself a hero for rushing to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo [...]

Saks Fifth Avenue, which caters to a clientele with a taste for the finer things in life, is partner [...]

The executive chairman of Google says the internet giant updated its encryption standards to make th [...]

Six days before Jun Lin was killed in Luka Magnotta’s Montreal apartment, another man had been kept [...]

- Scout Magazine

The GOODS from Okanagan Crush Pad Kelowna, BC | The second annual Wine Tourism Day in North America [...]

- 24/604 TV

  24/604 is the new Vancouver lifestyle show that will take you on a journey to introduce you to som [...]

The first of the Canadian oilsands producers are noting the impact of a lower price for oil and incr [...]

- Bob Kronbauer

“Terminal City Rollergirls roller derby league is the most awesome because they are a member-run, no [...]

The Hamilton reservist standing guard alongside Nathan Cirillo briefly chased the attacker, before r [...]

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by Stevie Wilson | Though it doesn’t quite fit into the traditional concept of what a “heritage” str [...]

- Bob Kronbauer

More than 5 years ago I wrote THIS POST about the then-decrepit Opsal Steel building which was left [...]

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau express unit [...]

Canadian Muslim groups have condemned the two deadly attacks this week, saying the incidents have no [...]

- Rachel Bee

  Bike Brake is a simple way to showcase and share some of Vancouver’s beautiful bikes. We are a cyc [...]

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The GOODS from Cavalier Vancouver, BC | It might be the time of year to layer up, but you mustn’t fo [...]

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(via) As serial campers, we treasure a reliably warm and functional “base layer”. Accordingly, we’re [...]

Honda Motor Co. took the rare step of imposing pay cuts on its president and 12 other executives aft [...]

Damage to Centre Block, the main building on Parliament Hill, reveals the harrowing scene Wednesday [...]

Canadians may be buying more car than they can afford, and banks are making themselves vulnerable by [...]

Shaw Communications Inc. says it had profit of $192 million or 40 cents per share in fourth quarter, [...]

In an email to The Associated Press, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's mother Susan says she and her husba [...]

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We’ve invited the Chefs’ Table Society of BC to join our GOODS program as a great organisation that [...]

- Christine McAvoy

Welcome to “Music Shows You Should Go See This Week In Vancouver”. Flip through the slideshow, click [...]

Anticosti Hydrocarbons has signed a strategic arrangement with Gaz Métro to exploit natural gas on Q [...]

- Vancouver Cycle Chic Society

For Dave, a Vancouver-based landscape designer, the elements aren’t something you run away from — th [...]

- Peaks and Harbours

Did you know that Snow Geese travel in tight flocks of about 20,000 geese when they migrate? This is [...]


Meat And Bread


Meat and Bread

HxBIA interviews Frankie Harrington from Meat and Bread.

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