Cinema remains the last medium for speaking and performing love culturally. While much emphasis has [...]

April 14, 2015 | "Yiri7 re Stsq'ey's-kucw: Secwepemc Oral History and Indigenous Laws [...]

Canadian forces have just been committed to combat for the third time in ten years: Afghanistan in 2 [...]

March 17, 2015 | "First Nations Innovation and Decolonization using ICT" presented by Rob [...]

A chamber arrangement of Saint-Saëns’ playful Carnival of the Animals with narration by George Zuker [...]

TomoeArts is organizing an intensive workshop in Japanese noh theatre led by visiting master noh per [...]

March 3, 2015 | "Privatization of Reserve Land. Can we expect a de Soto effect from the First N [...]

Visual artist Shary Boyle and songwriter Christine Fellows present their new interdisciplinary perfo [...]

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Born and raised in Vancouver, Nicole received her BAA in Fashion Design from Ryer [...]

Visions Ouest Productions presents The 21st Rendez-vous French Film Festival (Les 21e Rendez-vous du [...]

Life vs. Art: it’s an age-old dilemma for creative types, and in this dazzling work Mariano Pensotti [...]


February 3, 2015 | "The Problem of the Individualistic Self in the Over-representation of Abori [...]

6:30 PM Annual General Meeting (Doors open at 6:00 PM) 7:00 PM Special Screening of "Dr Cabbie [...]

Please join us for a tour of Part 2 of Geometry of Knowing at Audain Gallery with co-curators Amy Ka [...]

Canada's gross domestic product contracted by 0.2 per cent in November, as the economy was drag [...]

The Ontario Nurses' Association says almost 3,000 community health workers are on strike today. [...]

Toronto and Montreal rank first and fourth, respectively, among North America's safest cities, [...]

Environment Canada is warning anyone with plans to travel in the Maritimes on Saturday that Nova Sco [...]

Two families snowmobiling in Labrador had a frightening run-in with a rabid wolf before the animal w [...]

Hanging on to a few extra dollars can really add up. Here are five pain-free ways to boost your savi [...]

Hanging on to a few extra dollars can really add up. Here are five pain-free ways to boost your savi [...]

Some Tim Hortons workers may have felt blindsided by recent layoffs, but management experts say abru [...]

A British Columbia man has been confirmed as Canada's second case of H7N9 bird flu. [...]

George Acheson was a rebel with a cause. At age 16 he was kicked out of the house by his father beca [...]

With organs a scare commodity for the many patients needing transplants, doctors are forced into mak [...]

CIBC has decided to "selectively reduce a number of positions," the bank confirmed in an e [...]

Canada's spy agency is to be given a host of new powers aimed at blocking and disrupting potent [...]

- Mitsumi Kawai

The GOODS from Blacktail Florist Vancouver, BC | Blacktail is on the hunt for an experienced, charis [...]

Montreal city officials will decide Monday what to do about a proposed Islamic community centre draw [...]

- Jenn Perutka

I’m sure we all tell ourselves we’ll wake up early and go for a jog, but the majority of us would pr [...]

The home in Merritt, B.C., where Allan Schoenborn killed his three children is going to be torn down [...]

Amazon surprised investors on Thursday with a fourth-quarter profit that soundly beat expectations, [...]

- Margaret Badore

The cross orbweaver spider is also commonly called a European garden spider. [...]

The wife of the imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi says her husband can't endure another flog [...]

CBC News has learned the Commissioner of Canada Elections has cleared the organizers of an event tha [...]

- Museum Of Vancouver

The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) connects Vancouverites to each other and connects Vancouver to the wor [...]

- Margaret Badore

Switching to a standing desk doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor. [...]

Imperial Oil Ltd. is thinking about selling off the 500 Esso gas stations it owns to independent par [...]

- Michael Graham Richard

Our work is only half-done. If we want to see big energy savings, we need to change people's be [...]


Meat And Bread


Meat and Bread

HxBIA interviews Frankie Harrington from Meat and Bread.

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