Visual artist Shary Boyle and songwriter Christine Fellows present their new interdisciplinary perfo [...]

Life vs. Art: it’s an age-old dilemma for creative types, and in this dazzling work Mariano Pensotti [...]

6:30 PM Annual General Meeting (Doors open at 6:00 PM) 7:00 PM Special Screening of "Dr Cabbie [...]

George Acheson was a rebel with a cause. At age 16 he was kicked out of the house by his father beca [...]

Like so much good art, Dark Matter defies categorization. Creator Kate McIntosh takes the weightiest [...]

Independent Montreal MP Sana Hassainia is under fire for her work ethic in the House of Commons, whe [...]

A North Vancouver couple say they were almost scammed twice while apartment hunting on Craigslist. [...]

The federal government will table new legislation during this sitting of Parliament to ensure crimin [...]

Canada’s big banks have been the subject of pointed questions and even anger in the past few days fo [...]

Canada Post unveiled a new stamp on Tuesday to commemorate the life of South Africa’s anti-apartheid [...]

The Ontario government plans to ban the acquisition and sale of killer whales, part of new "hig [...]

The Manitoba government is pledging to overhaul the province's child welfare system to keep mor [...]

Developers are selling micro-condos to young people looking to enter an unaffordable housing market. [...]

Magic!, with a leading five nominations, Kiesza and Leonard Cohen are among the artists in the runni [...]

Metro Inc.says its quarterly dividend will be going up 16.7 per cent amid expectations that the groc [...]

A hidden camera inside a long-term care room at the Kipnes Centre for Veterans has captured more dis [...]

Canada's finance minister insists low- and middle-income families will see two-thirds of the be [...]

Canada's finance minister insists low- and middle-income families will see two-thirds of the be [...]

Dozens of flights have been cancelled and transportation officials have shut down the Trans-Canada H [...]

Hardliners say no new bailout for Greece. But the newly elected government has the democratic mandat [...]

Canada will start accepting applications from millionaire immigrant investors and their families on [...]

The Russian ruble has shed nearly half its value since last summer, driving up the costs of food, ho [...]

David Shentow was 17 years old when he disembarked a train at the Nazis' most notorious concent [...]

CBC Montreal’s Daybreak has uncovered a long-forgotten tape containing a private conversation betwee [...]

Canada will start accepting applications from millionaire immigrant investors and their families on [...]

Facebook suffered a widespread outage lasting an hour on Tuesday affecting users in Canada, the Unit [...]

As prices in Greater Vancouver real estate keep rising, some developers are shrinking the size of ho [...]

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has moved to fill some vacancies among senior officials in defence and [...]

Microsoft Corp. on Monday reported fiscal second-quarter earnings of $5.86 billion US. [...]

- Sean Orr

by Sean Orr | This city will drive you crazy: 2014 saw Vancouver hospitals hit a six-year high for e [...]

- Melissa Breyer

Or for the less committed, how to build a quinzee or a snow fort ... because when life gives you sno [...]

- Scout Magazine

by Andrew Morrison & Michelle Sproule | We took a trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island over the we [...]

The parliamentary secretary to Labour Minister Kellie Leitch is meeting this week with various stake [...]

Several Canadian banks and other large financial institutions that helped Sino-Forest Corp. raise mi [...]

Premier Kathleen Wynne and a senior Liberal official will meet with Elections Ontario this week in a [...]

- Jenn Perutka

Just look at this gorgeous sunrise we got to wake up to! Our Daily Photo #2148 is from Instagrammer [...]

Solid economic growth will help the U.S. budget deficit shrink this year to its lowest level since P [...]

- Lloyd Alter

Konrad Yakabuski channels Wendell Cox and Joel Kotkin, and gets it as wrong as they do. [...]

- Derek Markham

This plug-n-play LED night light is an easy-to-install safety light option for any standard outlet i [...]

The federal government has missed a deadline to provide funding to 95 thalidomide victims. The Thali [...]


Meat And Bread


Meat and Bread

HxBIA interviews Frankie Harrington from Meat and Bread.

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