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  • DTES, News September 28/17

    Press Release: Vancouver BIAs Demand Expansion of Opioid Treatment Options

    The Vancouver BIA Partnership supports an immediate expansion of opioid treatment options, including injectable therapy programs like those at the Crosstown Clinic.

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    DTES, News February 24/17

    In response to “zones of exclusion” report

    The DTES is changing. How can we make that a positive change?

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    DTES, News January 18/17

    The business of positive change in the DTES

    Listen to HxBIA featured on CBC’s Out in the Open with Piya Chattopadhyay

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    DTES, News December 06/16

    DTES Neighbourhood House Holiday Baskets

    Holiday gifts that make a difference!

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    DTES, Events!, News November 15/16

    CEDSAC Info Session

    Join us Nov 23 to learn how this strategy will impact your business and community!

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    DTES July 20/14

    Urban Tree Nursery Launches in Vancouver’s DTES

    It’s been a truly exciting week for the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association. After nearly two years of navigating the intricacies of Vancouver’s civic bureaucracy, working with various design consultants and engagement teams, planners and local community groups, Strathcona BIA and Hastings Crossing BIA enjoyed the launch of our joint Urban Tree Nursery project. Dozens […]

  • DTES December 09/13

    A comment clarifiying HxBIA, ICNC and the Local Area Plan

    Recently an ICNC document listed the HxBIA as part of a statement that was made public regarding the Emerging Directions of the plan released earlier this fall.  In the preface to the statement, which was sent to Mayor and Council, the ICNC recognizes that not all participants are in agreement in regards to the details […]

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    DTES, News October 17/13

    Privilege and Empathy – Welfare Food Challenge (Day 2)

    This is the 2nd post by HxBIA Executive Director on his participation in the Welfare Food Challenge this week. For the first post in the series visit here. In posting images of my $16 worth of groceries to Facebook and sharing that I was participating in the Welfare Food Challenge yesterday I elicited a range […]

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