• communityWise1
    Events!, Small Business February 23/15

    Interest in SME best practices for social inclusion high in Vancouver

    Over 70 business owners, local non-profits and even a few residents and City staff packed into Lost + Found Cafe this Thursday to hear about CommunityWise. The program has been designed by the Hastings Crossing BIA, LOCO BC, Carnegie Community Centre and Recipes For Success, in response to concerns about social inclusion from community members […]

  • smilin-buddha
    Events! February 11/15

    Legendary music venue honored by DTES business community in Living History Documentary Series

    As our city goes through changes we are potentially building over some incredibly fascinating stories about Vancouver and its various communities, nowhere is this more poignant than the Downtown Eastside, the oldest neighbourhood in town. There are so many stories worth archiving about the places and moments in time that have had an impact on the evolution of Vancouver. This is about working towards an urban oral tradition, in a young and dynamic city. It’s about storytelling as a form of community building, and about the fragility of history in a frantic modern world. It’s about one place, that through the decades, meant so much to so many.

  • Appropriate Behaviour
    Events! August 18/14

    Vancouver Queer Film Festival Continues to Impress

    The Vancouver Queer Film Festival is the 2nd largest yearly film festival in Vancouver and one that continues to bring in fantastic content from around the world. Hastings Crossing BIA had the pleasure this past Thursday of welcoming the audience to a film that received a lot of excitement at Sundance earlier this year, Appropriate […]

  • Lunch Box the Fonz
    Events! August 14/14

    Why You Should Never Eat Alone (Part 2)

    It’s LUNCH MEET today at Victory Square Park, and it looks like today gives us just enough of a break in the rain to hit this one out of the park. Vinyl Records will be setting up their DJ booth and providing the ultimate summer lunch soundtrack (Motown, Hip Hop, Punk, Raggae, New Wave, obscure hits […]

  • VQFFPassport2014B
    Events! August 05/14

    Dinner and a movie? Vancouver Queer Film Festival has F&B passports

    Few things go together as well as dinner and a movie. Even when the server was rude, the food took too long and the movie was just awful, this tried and true combination has resulted in the seeds of true love and true friendship being sown for countless millions over the decades. This August 14th […]

  • Lunch Meet_1
    Events! August 01/14

    Never eat lunch alone….especially on August 14th

    Vancouver can be a lonely place. It’s expensive. It rains a lot. Some say it’s hard to meet people here. A quarter of the condos are apparently empty. To hell with all that. We say making new friends in Vancouver can be cheap and easy and you can do it in the sunshine. August 14th […]

  • ISF 2013 Dance SML
    Events! July 02/14

    Come Bend it Like Beckham at Indian Summer In the Park – Victory Square, Friday July 4

    If you missed it last year Indian Summer Festival’s Indian Summer in the Park was one of the funnest and most well attended events in Victory Square Park all year long. This year we’re excited to once again have the festival here in our neighbourhood! Come on down and grab a bite from one of […]

  • Events! March 06/14

    Free business writing & networking seminar info!

    This heads up about a new series of small group business writing seminars just came through the feed, may be of interest to local entrepreneurs (or future entrepreneurs for that matter).   Do you have a great idea for a new restaurant, retail, or service-based/online business? You know you probably need a plan, but the […]

  • hxbia logo
    Events! February 21/14

    A new way for businesses to support community (a catered networking event) Wednesday March 19th 2014

    Old models of giving to charity or supporting non-profits are giving way to new revenue streams and purchasing philosophies. Come meet local business owners, non-profit leaders, and an innovative new company that’s unearthing a goldmine of funding for youth focused non-profits and charities, Swipe 4 the Kids. As consumers of goods and services we send […]

  • BitCOin
    Events! January 21/14

    Bitcoin free information session Thursday (33 W. Hastings – Lost and Found Cafe) 6:00 PM

    Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have surged in popularity over the past few years. No longer just an interest of internet enthusiasts or the hacker community, small businesses have begun to embrace Bitcoin thanks to local champions who promote the currency and have installed ATMs and POS in retail and F&B businesses. There are others who caution the exuberance around Bitcoin though. A free information session will be held this Thursday at Lost and Found Cafe to explore Bitcoin’s potential for use by small businesses. 6:00 PM at Lost and Found Cafe, 33 W. Hastings Street.

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