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  • Urban Design and Art August 04/15

    Call for Artists – Hastings Urban Tree Nursery Planter Painting

    Help us make the Hastings corridor a more pleasant pedestrian experience!

  • Events! February 11/15

    Legendary music venue honored by DTES business community in Living History Documentary Series

    As our city goes through changes we are potentially building over some incredibly fascinating stories about Vancouver and its various communities, nowhere is this more poignant than the Downtown Eastside, the oldest neighbourhood in town. There are so many stories worth archiving about the places and moments in time that have had an impact on the evolution of Vancouver. This is about working towards an urban oral tradition, in a young and dynamic city. It’s about storytelling as a form of community building, and about the fragility of history in a frantic modern world. It’s about one place, that through the decades, meant so much to so many.

  • News February 13/14

    Hastings Crossing BIA Applies for Intervenor Status With NEB – Trans Mountain

    HxBIA has applied for Intervenor Status with the National Energy Board regarding Kinder Morgan’s proposed twinning of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. While we respect and acknowledge that with a diverse range of stakeholders not all members will share the same concerns or level of interest in this proposed project,and the direct impacts it may have on our Business Improvement Area, we […]

  • DTES, News October 17/13

    Privilege and Empathy – Welfare Food Challenge (Day 2)

    This is the 2nd post by HxBIA Executive Director on his participation in the Welfare Food Challenge this week. For the first post in the series visit here. In posting images of my $16 worth of groceries to Facebook and sharing that I was participating in the Welfare Food Challenge yesterday I elicited a range […]

  • News, Urban Design and Art November 26/12

    Riddles in stone: Graffiti in Vancouver’s DTES

    Graffiti has been with us for thousands of years. These photos (scroll down below) are originals of some of the incredible graffiti here around Vancouver’s Victory Square Park. The DTES is peppered with amazing murals that tell a story of the urban culture that continues to organically define this part of the city. This intro […]

  • Small Business October 05/12

    Crosstown Pet launches in DTES

    Crosstown Pet is a professional dog-walking service that helps pet parents out in the DTES area.

  • Events! July 06/12

    As if we needed further proof that the DTES is the coolest part of Vancouver

    Music was pumpin’ conversation was buzzin’ mouths were chewin’ sun was shinin’….

  • Small Business April 23/12

    Vinyl Records: Helping the DTES get a groove on since 1998

    Shop Profile This week’s blog post is courtesy of Pauline Dan Vinyl Records, 319 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6 (604) 488-1234 Yes, vinyl records are making a big comeback! More and more music lovers are buying these old fashion discs to get the classic listening experience. Vinyl Records is a small used record […]

  • Social Enterprise February 16/12

    A Short History of HxBIA- who’s idea was this anyway??

    Curious about how HxBIA got up and running? So are we sometimes! Perhaps a good retrospective is in order… The Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association Formation Committee first met in April of 2009 to discuss the feasibility of a new BIA in Vancouver’s DTES and what kind of approach it could take, considering the unique […]

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