A comment clarifiying HxBIA, ICNC and the Local Area Plan

Recently an ICNC document listed the HxBIA as part of a statement that was made public regarding the Emerging Directions of the plan released earlier this fall.  In the preface to the statement, which was sent to Mayor and Council, the ICNC recognizes that not all participants are in agreement in regards to the details of the emerging directions and have the right to vocalize any specific differences of opinion.

The Hastings Crossing BIA now wishes to clarify that it does not support the ICNC document’s statement on housing, particularly social housing delivery, nor was the BIA consulted on its specific content.

Housing issues are being examined and addressed through the City’s LAP Process where we as a BIA have brought a particular focus on representing our stakeholders and members regarding the health of the local economy, social inclusion, and the state of our streets and public spaces.


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