A hidden history of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside?

Maybe you’ve seen the old antique lock box at the front door of Save On Meats, or heard of the cryptic fortune cookies being given out by the butcher next door to the diner? Or maybe you’ve noticed some of the strange graffiti and posters on sidewalks and alley walls in the area. There’s even an odd picture at Finch’s Tea House on Pender (the sandwiches are amazing there btw…A-mazing) that seems somehow out of place… Something weird is definitely going on in the neighbourhood.


I picked up a ticket that I found on the counter at Bean Around the World on Cambie and Hastings, right by the barista station. A friend of mine found the same ticket at Save On Meats, the server handed it to her. Another friend said he saw a few at Finch’s too. I’ve been in touch with the owners there but so far they haven’t said anything. They’re usually pretty prompt to get back. If anyone knows anything please let me know. It seems like something is going on behind the scenes here.



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