As if we needed further proof that the DTES is the coolest part of Vancouver

Sure my other BIA compatriots throughout the city may challenge me on that assertion but today was a pretty awesome day here in the Victory Square Park/DTES area and one that really captures what for years many of us have felt makes this part of the city so awesome. Innovation, diversity, youthful energy, social electricity, it’s here in spades today as a number of rad events got off the ground. Here’s a snapshot of two in particular that I was happy to attend:

Lunch Meet

In collaboration with the Vancouver Public Space Network and Space 2 Place with support from Viva Vancouver (COV) we shut down a stretch of Abbott Street for a big huge frickin’ outdoor lunch party that’s taking place every Thursday this month. Here’s a few snapshots. Music was pumpin’ conversation was buzzin’ mouths were chewin’ sun was shinin’…you get the drift. Those gorgeous flowers on the tables were compliments of Olla Urban Flower Project on Cambie and Cordova. Walking into their space on the 2nd floor is like walking into a little slice of heaven, awesome to see their arrangements on the tables. For more images head over to VPSN’s Flickr page

Beautiful floral place settings provided by Olla Flowers

I had to leave before things kicked into high gear but it didn’t take long to get busy

General Awesomeness

Abbott Street wasn’t the only place busy for lunch, Victory Square Park has become an increasingly popular communal lunch spot for residents, students and nearby businesses. I hear a rumor that buskers and other performers may be providing entertainment during lunch here soon….please feel free to spread that rumor.

Indian Summer Festival

Another awesome event that launched today is Indian Summer Festival, check out some pics from tonight’s gala event!

SFU’s Am Johal at Indian Summer. Little known fact, Am holds the World Record for Tallest HXBIA Board Member of all time

Did I mention HxBIA and the other DTES BIAs (ChinatownStrathconaGastown )had a great roundtable discussion with COV planners about local economic development goals, opportunities and challenges, and the Local Area Plan that’s in development. It was a kickass day today, and I have no doubt that there will be plenty more this summer.


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