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Hastings Urban Tree Nursery – Call for Artists


The Opportunity
HxBIA recently installed additional tree planters as part of the Hastings Urban Tree Nursery (HUTN), a series of concrete planters housing young trees that will grow under the care of local businesses until ready for transplantation to permanent locations. The HUTN will benefit the local community in many ways including supporting the local economy, providing new skills training for community members, and providing an otherwise concrete landscape with beauty, shade, and new insect and bird habitat.

HxBIA is currently inviting proposals from artists to paint the concrete planters of the HUTN at six locations in the DTES. In particular, works that engage with local community, heritage and culture, natural elements, and/or First Nations culture are sought. HxBIA embraces edginess, innovation, diversity, urban culture and community. Painted planters will be part of the urban streetscape and should enliven and enrich the street corridors while reflecting the values and goals of the HUTN and HxBIA. There are six planters to be painted, and the area to be painted on each planter is approximately 113”x36” (w x h).

Planters are located at the following businesses:

  • 31 W Pender Street (1 planter) — Partner business: Skwachays Lodge
  • 154 W Hasting Street (2 planters) — Partner business: Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary
  • 190 Alexander Street, Main Street side (2 planters) — Partner business: Anthem Properties & Deacon’s Corner
  • 220 Main Street (1 planter) — Partner business: Pier Health

Four artists will be selected and commissioned to paint planters (Two artists will paint two adjacent planters each, and two artists will paint one planter each). The artists will receive a $500 per planter stipend, and the HxBIA will provide paint materials up to a maximum of $400, with support from the City of Vancouver’s Integrated Graffiti Management Program. After painting, the planters will be coated with a clear product to protect against graffiti damage. To view examples from previous planter painting, click here.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submit one proposed design for a planter painting (width to height ratio is approximately 3:1). The proposed design should be clearly marked and distinguished from portfolio images submitted.
  • Submit up to 4 numbered portfolio images by email, 300dpi, with .jpg extension. List names or descriptions of images by number in body of email.
  • Preference will be given to ideas that partner with local businesses and/or non-profits
  • No other media will be considered.
  • Please include the following:
    • List of images with names or descriptions, clearly identified.
    • CV
    • Artist’s statement
  • Responses for this Call for Submission are directed to [email protected] by August 21, 2017. Deadline EXTENDED to September 1, 2017

For the full call out, download the PDF version here.



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