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  • Small Business May 05/12

    Playing music in your business? Think SOCAN…here’s why

    Full disclosure: I pilfered this directly (all of it) from a letter sent to me from SOCAN. If you play music in your businesses, you need to be aware of licensing and copyright laws as that music, though enriching the public realm, is not public property. Please have a read through this to familiarize yourself […]

  • Small Business April 23/12

    Vinyl Records: Helping the DTES get a groove on since 1998

    Shop Profile This week’s blog post is courtesy of Pauline Dan Vinyl Records, 319 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6 (604) 488-1234 Yes, vinyl records are making a big comeback! More and more music lovers are buying these old fashion discs to get the classic listening experience. Vinyl Records is a small used record […]

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