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Interest in SME best practices for social inclusion high in Vancouver

Over 70 business owners, local non-profits and even a few residents and City staff packed into Lost + Found Cafe this Thursday to hear about CommunityWise. The program has been designed by the Hastings Crossing BIA, LOCO BC, Carnegie Community Centre and Recipes For Success, in response to concerns about social inclusion from community members and in light of local businesses requesting support when dealing with a range of situations they face.

CommunityWise will consist of three fully catered workshops, held after retail business hours on three evenings in March (The 6th 12th and 19th). It was made possible through the City of Vancouver Social Innovation Fund and there is no fee to participate. Nothing like this has been created by a BIA anywhere else and on the 19th you’ll see the innovative combination of content that we feel will truly benefit businesses in our area. Some examples of content covered in these workshops include:

-Community assets and best practices for inclusive human resources management

– Local business-to-business supply chain development

– Social impact purchasing

– A history of advocacy and activism in the DTES

As of February 22nd there are 3 sports available still for small businesses to participate. To register contact Wes Regan at [email protected]

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  1. February 24, 2015 at 6:08 am, Kristina said:

    We would as a small business love to participate in your event. LaLa’s has two locations, one being on Commercisl Drive and we are very interested in bridging the gab between non/not for profits, our community and us as a business.

    Looking forward to your reply,


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