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Crosstown Pet launches in DTES

More than just a truism, the reality of urban life in one of the world’s most expensive and densely packed cities is that pets have come to fill a maternal/paternal void for many who are just not ready for human children for whatever reason. Perhaps they are the young professionals just out of school keeping a nose to the grindstone until finding themselves on better economic footing, or bigger living quarters? Maybe they just love to party too much…who knows. This researcher might. Anyhow.

People have A LOT OF PETS in this part of town (Victory Square Park, Chinatown, Gastown, the stadium district, which all collectively are understood in varying degrees to comprise the colloquial Crosstown) and somebody saw a great opportunity to help those pet parents out.

Enter April Smith and Hendrick Bheune, who just this month launched Crosstown Pet. For the past few years April, Hendrick and their friend and partner Peter, have been raising awareness of community initiatives, events, people, human interest stories, local politics and general goings ons in the Downtown Eastside through their venture Aha Media. Now they’re reveling in the playful and exuberant world of dogs!

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