Doing Business in HxBIA

Hastings Crossing BIA is a great place for startups or companies looking to relocate, with affordable rents in classic heritage buildings, and proximity to some of the city’s best restaurants, pubs, theatres and cafes. It’s also a business district with dedicated retail leaders who have consistently anchored the local economy through thick and thin.
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Here are some of the benefits to doing business in Hastings Crossing:

  • With three of the Province’s premier post secondary institutions, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Community College and Vancouver Film School, making HxBIA their home, thousands of students, faculty and staff, constitutes a local market for your goods or services in itself, while several high-density residential developments are within walking distance of your business.
  • There have been and continue to be complex issues at play in the Downtown Eastside, similar to those shared by other inner-city communities throughout North America, but there is also an equal amount of determination, compassion and creativity to meet those challenges from local community groups, entrepreneurs, enterprising non-profits, residents, and culture creators of which HxBIA has en masse.
  • Through the BIA, you will also be invited to numerous business-to-business networking events, community events, professional development opportunities and other supportive programming for businesses and entrepreneurs.


The BIA is a voice that can represent your collective needs to the City and other organizations and we welcome you to serve on our Board, or on a committee, and bring your ideas and suggestions to the forefront of the business community you are a part of. We engage regularly with elected leaders, planners, organizations like the Vancouver Board of Trade, the Vancouver Economic Commission, Metro Vancouver, non-profits, universities, colleges and technical schools, and the 21 other BIAs within the city of Vancouver to ensure that we are aware of trends that will affect the businesses and properties in our BIA, and advocate on your behalf.

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