HxBIA 5 Year Renewal Report

This year’s Annual General Meeting in September is a very important one. Hastings Crossing BIA has now been in existence for almost 5 years! Some people didn’t believe it was possible or didn’t see this part of the city as an appropriate place for a BIA. But with creativity, unique partnerships, and determination, Hastings Crossing was formed and is now the fastest growing BIA in the city!

Now, five years later, our work is up for review as per requirements for BIA’s in the City of Vancouver. We have put together a special annual report that takes a look at the achievements, partnerships, and fine details of how your money has been spent and where we hope you have benefitted from the work that has been done.

Take a look at the report below and make sure to come out and support the renewal of Hastings Crossing at this year’s AGM on September 24, 5:30pm at The Pint at Pender & Abbott Streets.

Click here to view the official Supplementary AGM Reminder Notice.

Click here to view the full PDF report.

Click here to see details about the AGM and RSVP.


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2 Responses to “HxBIA 5 Year Renewal Report”

  1. October 02, 2015 at 9:36 pm, Steve Commons said:


    I recently came across your organization and I think it serves a very important purpose in this area of the city. I own property and live in the DTES, and I have a question about the geography boundary of Hastings / Crossing. Namely, with more activity, retail, residents, etc. occurring in the Oppenheimer District, has Hastings / Crossing considering amending its geographic footprint slightly east, say, to go to about Heatley Street?


    • October 07, 2015 at 5:20 pm, admin said:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the comment! We’re glad that you are finding the value in the BIA. Our boundary does end at Gore Street. Anything east of Gore is actually part of the Strathcona BIA. I encourage you to get in touch with them about their great work as well.


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