Hastings Crossing BIA Applies for Intervenor Status With NEB – Trans Mountain

HxBIA has applied for Intervenor Status with the National Energy Board regarding Kinder Morgan’s proposed twinning of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. While we respect and acknowledge that with a diverse range of stakeholders not all members will share the same concerns or level of interest in this proposed project,and the direct impacts it may have on our Business Improvement Area, we felt our proximity to the route and the proposed increase in tanker traffic warranted a more active involvement in the process. Below is the submission sent into the NEB on behalf of all property owners and businesses in our catchment area. If you have any questions or concerns please contact [email protected]


Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association represents over 600 businesses and property owners
within our urban catchment area adjacent to the Burrard Inlet Terminal of Port Metro Vancouver. Our
organization is seeking Intervenor Status as the use of the inlet for tourism and recreation is key to many of
our retail, food & beverage and other business members. The park land along the inlet is also an important
amenity where festivals and other events with media partners and community organizations are held. Our
business district is one of the fastest growing in Vancouver, identified as a hot spot or emerging cluster for
technology, the creative sector, arts & entertainment and post secondary education (with three major post
secondary institutions counted among our members- Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Community College
and Vancouver Film School).
The Association wants to be as informed as possible about the potential commercial impacts on our land
owners and businesses from the increases in traffic and from any potential accidents or malfunctions that
may occur. We also want our members to be fully informed about and be able to comment on or advise on
contingency planning for spills, accidents or malfunctions, during construction and operation of the project as
well as safety and security during construction of the proposed project and operation of the project, including
emergency response planning and third-party damage prevention. There are also concerns and a willingness
to be more informed and to have the right to submit evidence or comments about the environmental and
socio-economic effects of increased marine shipping activities that would result from the proposed project,
including the potential effects of accidents or malfunctions that may occur. The total value of property
owned in our catchment area is in excess of $440 million dollars and total number of jobs in excess of 6,000.

Thank you for considering our request,
Wesley Regan
Executive Director
Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association

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