Why You Should Never Eat Alone (Part 2)

It’s LUNCH MEET today at Victory Square Park, and it looks like today gives us just enough of a break in the rain to hit this one out of the park. Vinyl Records will be setting up their DJ booth and providing the ultimate summer lunch soundtrack (Motown, Hip Hop, Punk, Raggae, New Wave, obscure hits of the 60s through 90s and more) while local restaurants will have discount coupons and other promo materials on site. We’ll be setting up communal lunch tables at the bottom of the park, Olla Flowers has even donated some beautiful floral table settings. Thanks Megan!

We also though that it was serendipitous that Devon Boorman of Academie Duello (one of our BIA member businesses )passed on a link to an author, Keith Ferrazzi, who wrote the popular networking and personal development book Never Eat Alone: And other secrets to success, one relationship at a time

The reason why we thought this gesture was so timely and appropriate is because we believe the success of our BIA and the success of our local businesses is ultimately rooted in successful relationships. Getting people out into public spaces, and hosting networking events at the HiVE or Lost and Found Cafe or in our Taste of Hastings event series has been all about creating spaces in which businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals  in our community can meet and get to know one another better, in fun and engaging ways. Lunch Meet is our most recent forum or space that we’ve created, and one that we’re particularly excited about.

We love activating Victory Square Park, whether that’s through sponsorship of events like Central City’a Fair in the Square, Indian Summer in the Park or the CITR Block Party on Labour Day Weekend, or through things like the Victory Square Park Flower Festival last year, and now this year Lunch Meet. It’s free, it’s fun, and with so many fantastic restaurants surrounding Victory Square it will no doubt be delicious too. For a list of all the restaurants, cafes and pubs around the square check out our Map/Directory. Anyone is welcome to bring the lunch box from home too! The Fonz approves. 

See you at Victory Square Park (Cambie and Hastings) between 11:30 and 2:00 today!






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