Meat and Bread

So what was the inspiration for Meat and Bread?
Cord and I met in Dublin, working in restaurants for all our lives. We got inspired by Carvery Roast that you’d find in a pub there on a Sunday and stuff like that, just the idea of doing a roast sandwhich was inspiration, we were looking at 500 sq feet originally but when we saw this 1400 sq foot space we took it. There are a few businesses that we’ve seen elsewhere that have copied our model, it’s kind of annoying actually. There’s one in Korea that’s a total copy, even the décor and everything!

What about the neighbourhood?
I’ve lived in Gastown since 2006 and have seen this neighbourood going through a lot of changes. I do see that most businesses here are very forward thinking and its inspirational to be with them here, it’s the most forward thinking part of Vancouver. Keeping that in mind I think it’s part of our success. The idea that you have 4 sandwiches on the menu works here maybe better than Kitsilano, but we just opened in the downtown core, so it’s working great for us there too. I feel like Cord and I are able to back up the food (which is delicious) with the style of service and execution that seems to work really well. Working in the restaurant sector for a long time here we have a lot of friends in the neighbourhood too.

How many employees do you have?
In this location we have 12, a lot of them live in the nieghbourhood, some up on Main Street.

What’s your favorite thing about the area?
The variety, creativity, forward thinking businesses and people.

One thing to change the neighbourhood for the better?
I think the people suffering with addiction need better help

Fantasy Career if you weren’t doing this?
Pro Soccer Player

Are you a Whitecaps fan?

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