Safety & Security

HxBIA, in partnership with Mission Possible, aims to create a safer community through the use of MP Neighbours.


MP Neighbours is a social enterprise that offers its services to businesses and properties while creating employment opportunities for local Downtown Eastside residents, many of whom have experienced barriers to employment.

The residents employed through the MP Neighbours program have a cultural sensitivity for the area. This allows them to better assist businesses in diffusing situations that they may not know how to deal with. In addition, every year millions of dollars in taxes are spent on first responders in Vancouver – tax dollars that could be spent on many other things. In this way, the MP Neighbours program is a preventative model. In making use of the MP Neighbours program, businesses can also prevent a potential situation where a first responder may need to be called.

MP Neighbours also assist the community in creating a safer environment through eliminating clutter on the sidewalk and lanes. This ranges from reporting graffiti and ensuring its removal to picking up abandoned items left in the street.

In 2016 MP Neighbours:

  • disposed of over 62,000 used needles
  • reported and ensured the removal of over 281 illegal garbage dumps
  • reported and ensured the removal of over 24 graffiti tags
  • safely and appropriately dealt with over 1661 community engagement referrals and hostile situations


If businesses are in need of MP Neighbour’s services, they can be reached at 604.253.4469 (Ext. 152) or by emailing [email protected].


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