Street Beautification

Hastings Urban Tree Nursery

In tandem with Strathcona BIA, HxBIA launched the Urban Tree Nursery Project in 2014. Dozens of young trees are incubated along Hastings Street in front of businesses who have agreed to be stewards of the trees, along with other community members. Once the trees are mature enough for resale, they are moved to their permanent location and replaced by new young trees. This initiative assists the City in reaching its goal of 150,000 new trees planted in Vancouver proper by 2020 as per the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, in addition to providing new skills training for community members.

Through a call put out to local artists, Marchien VeenBronwyn SchusterCody Lecoyand Sandra Diaz were chosen to paint our Hastings Street planters. Learn more about the inspirations behind their artwork here.


More planters are expected for the HxBIA catchment area in 2016.

MP Maintenance

MP Maintenance is a full service property cleaning company that specializes in streetscape maintenance. Their services range from power washing, to window cleaning, to painting, to general grounds clean-up. Run out of Mission Possible, MP Maintenance is a social enterprise that offers opportunities to those challenged by homelessness and poverty.

HxBIA members receive a 15% discount on MP Maintenance services.

Mission Possible also offers a Recycling Pick-up service in partnership with Regional Recycling.

To get in touch with MP Maintenance, you can call 604.253.4MPE (4673)  or email [email protected]


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