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Vinyl Records: Helping the DTES get a groove on since 1998

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This week’s blog post is courtesy of Pauline Dan

Vinyl Records, 319 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6 (604) 488-1234

Yes, vinyl records are making a big comeback! More and more music lovers are buying these old fashion discs to get the classic listening experience.

Vinyl Records is a small used record shop established in 1998 at 76 W. Cordova, which relocated to the current address at 319 West Hastings Street in 2005. The store sells both new and used vinyl records and stocks well over 50,000 pieces of music records of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Rock, Punk, New Wave, Spoken Word, Jazz, House, Disco, Future Jazz, Breaks, Electronica, Trance, Latin, Blues and Early Electronic. As owner David Jones points out, music enthusiasts now increasingly want the entire package of music – the album cover, the art, the superior sound of vinyl, and the lyrics.

When asked why he has established the business on the Downtown Eastside, David revealed that he loves the deep history associated with the district and enjoys the historical architecture within the neighbourhood. Despite the challenge of being situated in one of Canada’s poorest neighborhoods, negative incidences have been far and few. He feels right at home with the diverse range of businesses and people, and is especially connected with the artistic groups within the area. David currently collaborates with a number of small businesses in the neighborhood. For instance, he did professional DJ work for a small coffee shop for an opening party, and collaborated with other local music artists in social events. Having deep relations with local businesses and customers, David calls the store “his living room”.

The growth of residential development in the district has brought about an increase in sales – mainly from professional, middle-aged couples. Approximately 10% of total sales come from local patrons. The current economic decline has negatively impacted the business but the growth within the local neighbourhood has offset some of the shortfall. David forecasts that the growth of businesses and development will occur at a gradual pace – more retailers, more higher-end businesses, more residential development, further expansion at the downtown SFU campus. He is excited about the local development; it will lead to business growth and opportunities to establish more relationships. With this, David hopes the growth will occur in a way that is inclusive, with consideration and respect for everyone’s interests in the local neighbourhood.



Pauline Dan

Small Business Council Member, Vancouver Board of Trade

April 2012

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